2020 | Happy Holidays!

I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to take fun holiday photos with FiFi this year as it’s going to be our first Christmas together 🙂 Plus, it will be interesting to look back at these photos as she grows up with mods over the years. She’s got the red nose and I’ve got the reindeer ears! If this isn’t #motherdaughtergoals & #bestiegoals, then I don’t know what is… haha!

I ended up printing about a dozen cards to send out via a local print shop. The quality wasn’t on par to my expectations sadly, but I suppose that’s what I get for waiting until the last minute and needing the cards right away. Next year, I’ll have to remember to shoot much earlier and order online. Anyways, I’m excited for many more new opportunities and special bimmer friendships in the coming new year!

Thank you for your support and love. FiFi & I appreciate you! If you’re new here and aren’t already, be sure to follow us on Instagram to see what we get up to! Big things are coming in 2021… xoxo


Disclaimer: Some links may be affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission when you make a purchase. This helps to keep this website running (and hopefully more mods and projects coming); thank you for your support!

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