2021 Glow Up Begins…

Happy New Year! It has been a hot minute since FiFi has gotten any major modifications. Since she will be getting new custom forged wheels in a few weeks, I decided to go big and upgrade her stock brakes to M performance brakes. European Auto Source did an incredible job with the LCI taillight upgrade, so I wanted to go back to them for this project. Unfortunately they are not exactly close by, so I also lined up a couple other smaller mods for them to do for me.


Originally, I wanted the blue M brakes to match her interior accent color, but learned that those aren’t available for purchase unless they already come with the car from the factory. As far as I know, none of the 430i’s come with M brakes, even ones with the M sport package. Bummer! I opted for my second choice, red, and actually love it. The price including installation and coding came out to $2822. Not a cheap upgrade, but I feel like it’s going to look so nice once the new wheels are on! As far as actual performance goes, it’s only been a couple days but I don’t feel any major difference between these and the stock brakes. To me, they are more of an aesthetic mod for now, but maybe there might be some noticeable difference once I get the new wheels and performance tires on?


In addition to the M performance brakes, I asked European Auto Source to help me replace the orange front side reflectors with paint-matched reflectors from IND. I must admit that I waited a while on this mod because I felt like $95 for two white strips seemed way overpriced… but it really does clean up the front end beautifully! This is a very simple mod I would have felt comfortable doing myself, but since I knew EAS was going to be taking off the wheels, it would be easier & quicker just to have them do it for me ($65 installation).


Finally, FiFi officially got her first carbon fiber pieces – the M4 style mirror housing units from Autotecknic! My friend Erick convinced me to get these over the much more affordable alternative “carbon fiber” mirror caps that you can get for a fraction of the price… These were PRICEY (~$360 purchased through EAS) but after seeing them in person, I can totally see why. Since I’ll be keeping this car for a long time, I definitely want to invest in quality pieces. These carbon fiber mirror housing units feel & look very well-made, and make the car look more aggressive. The little details really add up! The install for this one looked a bit complicated from what I saw online, so I am glad I put my trust in EAS to do it right for me without breaking the mirrors… as I know that’s a common dilemma for DIYers.


Of course, no carbon fiber mirror caps are complete without the smoked sequential blinking turn signal lights. I bought these off of Amazon for about $70 and they work seamlessly with the caps. One thing I noticed is though, unlike the stock piece, I’m no longer able to see the turn signal lights blink in the very corner from inside the car like I used to. Not a big deal – but at first I had to turn the lights on from inside and go out to make sure the lights were working as they should!


I was disappointed to learn that the office frenchies, Wesley and Frank do not report to work on Saturdays! Was really looking forward to their company during the wait, but everything done well and all under 3 hours. Next time, I’ll be strategic about setting my EAS appointments on weekdays 😉


Disclaimer: Some links may be affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission when you make a purchase. This helps to keep this website running (and hopefully more mods and projects coming); thank you for your support!

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