2021 | Merry Christmas!

Here we are, at the end of the year once again. For me, 2021 felt like one of the longest years ever, but at the same time in some ways it flew by. It hasn’t felt like that long ago since I took my first ever holiday photos with Fi! Looking back at last year’s pictures made me realize – she has grown up quite a bit in just a year :’)

2021-fifi-sharon-holiday-card v2

This year, we trekked up to the mountains of Idyllwild to take new holiday photos & for a nice change of scenery. For once, we got this done early enough for me to afford the time & luxury to order quality cards online rather than resort to the usual overpriced, mediocre local printer that I typically use when I’m in a pinch. USPS seems to be cooperating well this holiday season too! To my surprise, some of my east coast friends received my cards a day or two after I sent them.

I am really happy with how the build has come along. Nothing major has changed since I did a recap in the one year anniversary blog post. Vision Forged nailed the custom wheels exactly how I wanted them, and were amazing to work with! I am proud to say that almost a year later, they are still as immaculate as day one. European Auto Source did an incredible job helping me get Fi’s carbon fiber bits on – it’s crazy how a lip, side skirt extensions, a rear diffuser, and mirror caps make such a notable difference in transforming the overall look. They also did the M performance brake upgrade for me when I decided to go all out with Fi’s shoes (she definitely needed those red calipers)! Lastly, I wanted a Valvetronic exhaust as soon as I started shopping for an exhaust upgrade late last year. In February, a good opportunity to get one came up, and I’m so glad it worked out. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I had the valves closed (tbh it might be never lol). The exhaust notes are just perfect as is with the valves open – not too loud but definitely more aggressive than the stock exhaust. I think that just about covers the major mods of the year!


What does 2022 have in store for us? Maybe new headlights? A lavender wrap? Some spacers for better wheel fitment? A dashcam… a mod I hope I’ll never actually need? When I got this car, I did not anticipate modifying her at all, let alone imagine all that I ended up having done in such a short amount of time. The mod itch will always be real but at the end of the day, I think I have more or less achieved my “dream build” here! She is a convertible so I always want to keep her like a fun cruiser car (no crazy performance mods or anything like that), and OEM+ style as far as aesthetics go. Perhaps the biggest mod of all I’m striving for now is a bigger house with a bigger garage… so I can get Fi a sexy boyfriend 😉

As always, thanks for your love & support! FiFi & I appreciate you, especially the ones who keep bugging us for new blog content haha. I’ll try to update more frequently. If you’re new here and aren’t already, be sure to follow us on Instagram to see what we get up to in 2022!


Disclaimer: Some links may be affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission when you make a purchase. This helps to keep this website running (and hopefully more mods and projects coming); thank you for your support!

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