DIY Ceramic Coating for the M Performance Brakes

Ceramic coating is such a game changer when it comes to maintaining a sparkling clean car! Shortly after I got FiFi, I had her entire exterior professionally ceramic coated. This was before any mods, though. So as I got mods on, I would ceramic coat those parts myself while they are new and easy to work with. One day, I even coated her interior with a leather & vinyl coating kit by Adam’s Polishes. The process was SUPER easy and satisfying because the results were just phenomenal. A four-year-old car looking brand spanking new? Count me in.

First time getting her up on a jack!

Ceramic coating the LCI taillights and carbon fiber mirror caps was a no-brainer. The M performance brakes though, required me to step outside of my comfort zone. I had never jacked up a car or taken wheels off of a car before. The thought alone honestly gave me so much anxiety. But, paying someone to ceramic coat parts after parts would get expensive quickly. So after watching a few YouTube videos, I decided to give it a go and learn some new skills… with the help of my boyfriend. This took a whole afternoon because it took us some time to get in the groove of things, but once we got the routine down, it became relatively simple.

Before doing anything, I gave FiFi a bath and was extra thorough on the wheels. The M Performance brakes definitely produce more brake dust than the stock brakes. With that said, I knew I definitely wanted to get the coating on sooner rather than later! Luckily, not a whole lot built up to the point where I needed to do heavy scrubbing or anything. I was able to just wash thoroughly, decontaminate, and coat without any issues.

Decontaminating brake hat with Ethos Car Care Detox Spray
Love this stuff!
Ceramic coating the calipers

The focus was on the red calipers since they are in plain view, but I also coated the brake hats as well. I was tempted to coat the rotors too… but rookie me recently learned you’re not supposed to do that (LOL). I gave them a good wipe down at the end though 🙂

Everything you need to DIY-ceramic coat your car

I personally used Ethos Car Care’s Detox Spray followed by their Graphene Coating. I decided to give this brand a try after seeing ThicWhip rave about it on his social media channels. Glad to say that the products don’t disappoint, at a great value too. Would you rather pay less than $150 for a ceramic coating kit (detox spray, coating, applicator, microfiber towels) or $700 at the detailer’s? Of course, going the detailer route, you’re paying for labor too. But if you have the time and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty… it can be quite gratifying to DIY.

End result – super shiny, clean brakes! I wiped down the rotors but did not coat them.
Still in shock to see her without wheels on in my own garage!

FiFi’s new wheels are coming in this Saturday, and you can bet I’ll be coating the heck out of them before putting them on her! She is also due for an oil change in a couple weeks. After getting my feet wet with the car jack on this ceramic coating project, I feel a little more confident things will be smooth-sailing. Metoy3r on YouTube makes an oil change on a 4 series look easy enough, and I’m excited to continue learning new skills while taking care of my baby 🙂


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