FiFi Gets a Valvetronic Designs Exhaust!

After considering the F Chassis Valvetronic Designs exhaust for months, I decided to finally go for it. Living in a small town, I want to be able to keep the car sounding modest when needed. But eight months into adventures with FiFi, I am definitely ready for more of a roar on the road! This exhaust is designed to give just that; love that I’m able to control the sound by opening & closing the valves with ease on my phone using the Bimmerlink app. And boy, does the B46 have incredible sound potential!

While making the decision to purchase this exhaust, I kept going back and forth on whether I wanted to go dual or quad tip. To keep things simple, I decided to stick with the dual set-up for now because I wanted to be able to use the Valvetronic Exhaust forged carbon fiber tips. They layer beautifully with the CF rear diffuser I got. Going quad on a 430i would require me to make additional modifications and get a Y-tip set up, which I didn’t want to think about. At the same time though, I want the flexibility to possibly upgrade to a quad tip set-up in the future. So, I found a relatively affordable dual outlet carbon fiber M performance style diffuser (435/440i style) on eBay that I won’t mind replacing down the road. Shoutout to Metoy3r on YouTube for the link to this diffuser! The fitment is not 100% like OEM, but it’s good enough. The diffuser’s holes don’t line up perfectly to the car’s drilled holes on the bottom but are workable. Unlike the OEM diffuser which fits flush all around, this one seems to have a slight gap on the upper corners. Not totally a big deal as it’s not really noticeable unless you know what to look for and at a low angle.


I went to A’advance Muffler in Indio, CA where the owner Alonso was able to help me install the system flawlessly. Just an FYI for any 430i peeps looking to install this on their cars, you WILL need a professional to help you unless you have all the proper tools & skills to cut and weld. I think this system was made more for the 435/440i. That being said, modifications are required to have the system fit the car (not really like the plug and play situation the install video demonstrates). I wasn’t aware of this until I got there and was told that it wasn’t going to be as simple as originally planned. At that point, he had already cut off the stock exhaust so I was getting nervous but I’m so glad that he was able to make it work with his skillset! Thanks Alonso!

Austin, the founder of Valvetronic Designs recommended that I install the system with a resonator delete and secondary cat delete. However, because of the smog/emissions test FiFi will inevitably have to take in a year when she turns 5, I decided to pass on the secondary cat delete as I don’t want to deal with failing it. Cat deletes are illegal in California, but I can only imagine just how insane she’d sound if I did haha! I did do the resonator delete though, and so far haven’t had any issues with droning even with the top down. The car honestly already sounded really good without the resonator delete but for an extra $80 I decided to just do it while I was there. I wouldn’t say it made her a whole lot louder but even just a little bit makes a difference. Excited to hear how the exhaust breaks in…



I’ll have to do some drive-by clips soon but for now, check out the before/after video (stock exhaust with resonator in tact vs. Valvetronic exhaust with resonator delete, both with valves open). Skip to ~0:25 to experience the new set-up! The drive home on the freeway was so glorious. I usually like to blast music when I drive but the whole time I couldn’t get enough of hearing her vroom vroom. After getting this exhaust, I realized that the hardtop actually does a really good job keeping sound out. That being said, it sounds MUCH louder with the top down haha.

By the time I had gotten home from the shop, she was definitely warm so I got a video of the cold start the next morning, paired with a few revs on eco pro with the valves open. Literally MINDBLOWN… pure music to my ears :O

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