How It All Started

The car bug is new to me, and boy, did it hit hard and fast! I didn’t expect to make an Instagram account dedicated to FiFi, get into car modifications, and meet so many cool people from BMW 4 series forums & the car community online! It’s amazing to develop connections with people who share the same enthusiasm… even if it’s just online for now with 2020 going on.

Day after delivery – making new memories with Fi in Palm Springs!

A lot of you have asked me why I chose a 430i convertible, and why I love FiFi so much. I hate to be clichéd, but it was honestly love at first sight! In 2017, I leased an X5 and at some point needed to bring her into the dealership to get regular service done. I ended up receiving a loaner car for the day… and I’m sure you could guess what I got… a 430i convertible! It was my first time driving a convertible, and a hardtop one! I was mind blown by the experience and just fell in love. It was then, I told myself that when the X5 lease is up, this would definitely be my next car.

My first impression was that the hardtop gives the car a pretty seamless “coupe” appearance when the top is up, and it never gets old watching the top fold down and into the trunk transformer style when I want a topless ride! It literally feels like having 2 cars.

My very own transformer

The 430i convertible is by no means practical like the X5, but it’s a much cooler ride! YOLO, right? Plus, for a convertible it’s really not bad. It’s a 4-seater with surprisingly comfortable seats (yes, I’ve compared with other coupes like my friend’s Aston Martin Vantage) and the leg room isn’t ample like a sedan, but sufficient for me. I have 2 pugs and they would fit perfectly back there on a road trip. For local trips, taking friends & family around town is doable too… well, very snugly haha.

(Not FiFi) That time when I got a 430i convertible as a loaner car while my X5 was getting serviced!

Fast forward to June 2020, nearing the X5 maturity date… the timing literally could not be more perfect. My DREAM certified pre-owned 430i convertible popped up at BMW Encinitas. She had everything I wanted that’s hard to come by, and then some. Pretty much fully loaded! Harman Kardon speakers and the head-up display were two must-haves for me. I also wanted the car to be white. It would have been ideal to have red seats, but I also like the M Sport seats and absolutely LOVE the blue interior trim! And here’s the best part… a 2017 with 15k some miles only!!! This is literally unheard of even on 2018/19 models I was looking at.

Am I the only one that saves dealership listing photos before they get pulled? LOL!

I quickly reserved the car and set up an appointment to drive down. In the early morning of June 27, 2020, I saw her in person for the first time. She looked as sexy as she did in photos, drove like a dream, and BMW Encinitas made the lease turn-in & buying process so easy for me. If you’re in the market for a BMW in California, I highly recommend asking for Nicolas or Ben at BMW Encinitas!

Best friends for life

Anyways… I will never forget the moment I first drove her off the dealership lot. We are at the three month mark now and I don’t see our “honeymoon stage” dying down anytime soon… or ever 😉 The fun is just getting started! Thank you all for following our journey.


Disclaimer: Some links may be affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission when you make a purchase. This helps to keep this website running (and hopefully more mods and projects coming); thank you for your support!

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