Interior Ambient Lighting Additions

If I could change anything about the 4 series, it would be the ambient lighting. Compared to my previous BMW X5, the F33’s interior is underwhelming and pretty much pitch black at night. I prefer more light and color in car interiors, so I finally decided to add some. Since it seems impossible to do the radio console LED trim retrofit in my car, I had to get creative…

Two ambient interior lighting additions I made include footwell lighting and lighting track strips for the door panels. For under $25, I would say that the Govee footwell lighting is a nice addition in that it offers fun colors to choose from, is easy to install, and illuminates the rest of the interior nicely. The wires are easy enough to hide so that the footwell lighting appears OEM. Before installing the lighting track strips in the door panels (you can sorta see that the door panel lighting is non-existent), I enjoyed the blue footwell lighting. After installing the door panel strips though, I keep the footwell lighting red/orange to match.

430i interior at night

Without AmbientModz’ lighting track strips, the lighting on the door panels is hardly noticeable at night even with interior lighting bumped up all the way to 100% on BimmerCode. During the day, you can’t even tell there’s lighting at all! The AmbientModz lighting tracks help to bring out the otherwise non-existent OEM interior lighting in the 4 series. The installation is super simple. You simply slide the strips into place where the lighting illuminates, and it essentially opens up a gap for the light to shine through. There is no need for hardwiring anything. I love this because it’s bringing out OEM lighting rather than me adding something like I did for the footwells.

I am still keen on figuring out a way to light up the radio console area, as I feel that would really complete interior lighting for my car. I know there’s a way to do it for the older models but heard that BMW changed up a few things for the newer models to make it harder to do. If anyone has done this retrofit to their 2017-2020 4 series, I would love to hear all about it.

Let there be light! 🙂


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