Smart Top Module – A Must-Have for F33/F83 Owners!

Over the summer, my friend Dennis sold his F33 and kindly passed on his mods4cars Smart Top Module to FiFi, which I’m so grateful for! It’s honestly a mod that is pretty underrated but super convenient and nice to have. I was also proud of myself for being able to install it on my own in a few minutes without breaking anything (thanks Dennis for filming an impromptu install video to help me out)!


My new favorite mod! ❤️‍🔥 #SmartTop allows me to operate Fi’s roof while on the go, up to 25 mph 😱😍 #vertlife #cargirlcheck #fridaythe13th

♬ Ridin' - Chamillionaire

My favorite feature of the smart top module is that I can drop the top and put it up while I’m driving up to 25mph. This means I no longer get stuck at a red light waiting for FiFi to do her transformer thing in traffic. I’m still paranoid about the wind or bumpy roads messing up the convertible top mechanism though, so I’m always looking out for that before operating the roof on the go.

Another convenient feature I love is the ability to drop the top or put it up remotely out of the car using the key fob, by clicking the lock button 3 times in 1 second intervals to close, and the unlock button 3 times in 1 second intervals to drop. This saves a lot of time because I can be walking away from FiFi while she puts her top back up and locks while I’m off to run my errands. Alternatively, I can drop the top remotely while walking back towards her, and by the time I arrive, the top is already down and ready for me to drive. The range is also quite impressive.

Lastly, when I’m in the car, I no longer have to keep my finger on the convertible lever to operate the roof. Just one touch up or down will do the trick! Long gone are the days I have to wait until the roof movement is complete before I start driving.


As far as installation goes, it’s pretty simple and does not require any complicated coding. There was no formal install video for me to follow when I got mine, but since then, a fellow content creator, F Thirty3 also got a Smart Top Module for his F33 and uploaded a phenomenal install video that is easy to follow. Since I bought mine from my friend, the configurations were already set up for me. But if you’re buying yours brand new, you may find F Thirty3’s configurations & options video useful too 🙂

The Smart Top Module is compatible with the 2014-2020 430i/440i convertibles as well as the M4 convertible. For the full price of about $500 after tax & shipping, I do think it’s on the pricey side even though the added features for the car are so cool. I was lucky that my friend was generous enough to give me a deal I couldn’t pass up. I also occasionally see some secondhand ones available on eBay and Bimmer forums, so I’d recommend shopping around frequently if you have been thinking about getting one for your car but don’t want to pay the full price.


Do you have a mods4cars Smart Top Module for your F33/83? What is your favorite feature?


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