Something Wheely Exciting is Happening with Vision Forged!

It has been a few months since our last major modification, and I’m stoked to share that FiFi and I are partnering up with Vision Forged to get her custom forged wheels next! That’s right – FORGED wheels! Not cast, and not flow-formed wheels. Only the best for my baby girl 😉

Aside from the LCI tail light upgrade and the many other mods I have in mind (but haven’t executed yet), I feel like new wheels will completely transform her look. Yesterday, we met up with the owners of VF, Jonathan and Tim, as well as Jonathan’s majestic dog Yuji to discuss the details. They are down-to-earth, super kind people, and have been a great pleasure to work with. We are looking forward to building a worthwhile relationship and friendship with them.

Out of curiosity, I asked Jonathan and Tim what inspired them to launch Vision Forged. I was given a little bit of interesting background on Jonathan’s family history in the automotive wheel industry, and shared our mutual love for cars. COVID hit, and like many of us trying to stay sane and driven during these times, he and his friend Tim decided to partner up and make something of their very own! How inspiring is that? As a small business owner myself, I am all about supporting young entrepreneurs and helping them get to the top. I truly see a lot of potential in these guys and think they will make it to exactly where they want to be in just a matter of time! It’s an honor to be a part of their journey from the beginning. I’m elated they’ve chosen to work with us.

The guys thoroughly addressed my concerns (mostly regarding safety and materials), and we briefly discussed the wheel design I want for FiFi. I can tell these guys are charismatic, well-informed, and will be awesome to work with. They’ve provided plenty of guidance whenever I’ve needed it, given awesome recommendations when asked, and been very transparent about their product. No complaints so far!

Right now, we are still working on behind-the-scenes stuff like finalizing the rendering of the desired wheel design & color. Once that’s all good, it goes into production. From there, it should take anywhere from 8-12 weeks for us to get the wheels. We can hardly wait! I won’t be going into details on the wheel design in this blog post, because that will be revealed in another one when we get them.

Hint: They’ll be more aggressive, yet elegant like the classy girl she is… and nothing too over-the-top. Best of all, no one will have the same exact shoes as FiFi!

Please stay tuned and be sure to follow along on Instagram if you aren’t already! 🙂


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