When 2 M Sport 430i’s Get Together…

FiFi met her first M sport 430i friend yesterday! Julio of @its_the_f32 was in town with his F32, Shadow, to get ceramic coated. The sun sets so early now, but we were lucky enough to still have some light out after he finished. So, we got a few shots of our cars together! Given that everything was shot so last minute and with natural light only, I’m pleased with how they turned out.

This was my first time meeting an IG car friend in real life, and it was interesting especially considering the times we’re in. But it was so much fun and I hope that things get better soon so that FiFi and I can go out and meet more car enthusiasts safely. But before that, I’m thinking of getting FiFi some big girl shoes for Christmas after seeing Shadow in person…

I was a total stress ball about FiFi and Shadow getting too close but it was all worth it. The shots just wouldn’t be the same if we had kept them too distanced. Thanks Julio for dealing with me and being kind!


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