BIG REVEAL! Custom Wheels by Vision Forged

The wait is finally over! And the three-month wait was SO worth it. Back in November, I shared that we’d be working with Vision Forged to get FiFi into her version of custom-made Chanel shoes… and I’m honestly mind-blown by the result and quality of their work. Vision Forged created exactly what I wanted – down to style, color, and size. The new wheels truly transform her entire look & scream a combination of sporty, aggressive, and stylish.



Ever since I started thinking about new rims, I had a “dream wheel” in mind. But custom forged wheels are super expensive, so I wasn’t expecting to upgrade so soon. That being said, I’m beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Vision Forged to realize this dream!


Typically, I’m a pretty simple gal but for some reason tend to prefer the busier look when it comes to wheels. My love for crisp lines, harsh shadows, and definition inspired the design. I wanted the wheels to be darker than the stock ones, but not too dark. Somewhere in the middle brought me to a semi-matte satin gun-metal color with a machine finish. Since my Instagram handle is too long to put onto a window decal without looking tacky, I decided to put it on the center caps! They are a subtle detail, but I love how the red accents and the new brakes pair perfectly now.

Beyond aesthetics though, I really didn’t know what to do when it came to sizing and set-up. You know, the more technical stuff! Luckily, Jonathan guided me every step of the way to help achieve a happy medium for FiFi. We went with a staggered set up, with 19*8.5 in the front and 19*9.5 in the back.


Originally, I was set on the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. But due to COVID, they temporarily ceased production of those tires in the sizes I needed (235/40/19 front, 265/35/19 rear). So I went with my next best bet, the Continental Extreme Contact Sport tires. In a way, it worked out in the end because they are still great tires and more affordable! I saved about $400 going this route. And we know every dollar saved on a mod is $ to be spent on the next mod! 😉 (and you best believe your girl already jumped onto the next thing… STAY TUNED!)

I got everything installed at my local America’s Tire and they did a fantastic job. FiFi went from being my little girl to a grown one-of-a-kind queen in a matter of just under an hour!


Many more photos and adventures to come! I’ll be shooting with the Vision Forged team in a couple weekends, so be sure to follow along on Instagram if you aren’t already so you don’t miss any content 🙂



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